October 31, 2005

Cryptic Positive

Something very good happened to me at work today. Those few of you who are in the know will understand when I say, "I got it, for sure." For everyone else, I'll say that I'm moving into a new sort of position; my money doubles, my security quadruples, and I'm able to step that much closer to total economic independence, and freedom.

Non-blogging due to bright daydreams of the future. I'll be back tomorrow though, I'm certain, with some sordid story or other, and a side of shitty attitude.

Posted by Queenie at October 31, 2005 11:15 PM | TrackBack

Cool Runnings!

Posted by: Yabu at November 1, 2005 12:19 AM

Glad for whatever goodness gets sent your way, Lady. You deserve it.

Posted by: Bane at November 1, 2005 12:39 AM

Congratulations, darlin'!

Posted by: Margi at November 1, 2005 12:42 AM

Whooooooooo!!! You SO rock.

Posted by: Dana at November 1, 2005 12:47 AM

Whew...! Mood to improve shortly, non? ; )

Posted by: Key at November 1, 2005 10:59 AM


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