July 07, 2005


I was strolling outside the workplace today, smoking a Marlboro, contemplating my eventual demise from tar poisoning, feeling a bit sorry for myself for not being able to corral my more base habits, and then the short bus went by.

It was a van, actually. One of those Savana models with plenty of headroom so the brainless little blighters don't bump they heads and hurt theyselves.

There were about eight of them inside. Ranging in age from 13 to 16. They all had their faces against the windows, mouths agape and stuck to the glass, slobber everywhere, making faces at us, making fun of us, we the true idiot manchildren.

They were happy as clams, as content as peacocks with an admirer.

It was a beautiful thang. They possessed more happiness than I will ever muster, and probably have better health care.

I am jealous. Sentience is a fucking curse.

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