December 29, 2004

On The Scratching of Backs

You know, I would really rather not see my name and/or URL on a list of purely reciprocal links at your site. No, believe me, I understand - you want to make all the folks who link you happy, even if you don't read them - but let me assure you, it's not necessary here. I appreciate the concern for my ranking, or whatever, if you've placed me on your reciprocal roll, but I promise you that if this is the case, you have far more concern for my ranking than I do.

If you have a blogroll you actually read on your page, followed by a list of reciprocal links separate from that blogroll, I'd rather be absent from both than present on the latter. You read Inblognito? Great. Fine. Welcome. Blogroll it. You don't? Then please...just don't link me at all. None of this pity-link shit. I'm not even signed up on the Ecosystem, so it's not like I'm checking to see who all has linked me. If I've got you on my blogroll, it simply means I read your site regularly. You don't owe me anything.

What? Is that so wrong a thing to ask? I'm not being snarky, people. It's my fragile fucking ego, here. It cannot handle the metaphorical ball-kicking that is its presence on your reciprocal roll. I don't have anything against the concept of a receip-roll, mind - I don't seek to judge - I just don't want to be on it.

Posted by Queenie at December 29, 2004 11:54 AM

I'll show you!!! I read your blog every day and I'm not a blogger, so there!!! LMAO

Posted by: WarWagon at December 29, 2004 01:37 PM

My husband goes for a pity-fuck every so often. I know that doesn't go with your post but when I saw "pity-link" made me think of my Big Guy and well sometimes I spew whatever connects in my poor brain. :D

Queenie, I check in on your blog everyday, I truly can't imagine anyone linking you with a pity-link. No how, no way.

You are the most readable, delicious, blog out there right now. Every post is a treat.

Posted by: BeeBee at December 29, 2004 03:14 PM

I don't have a blog either. Unless ya counts a web diary as a blog. But I don't think there's a writer out there who makes me go all funny in the pants for an update - moreso than y'all.

It's like a secret society, isn't it? Non bloggers who just read your stuff to piss you off. And never leave a comment.

Well, usually not, anyway.

Posted by: outfoxed at December 29, 2004 06:02 PM

Pheh. I'm no fan of the "recip-roll" either. It's like saying "You're not good enough to make it on my REAL blogroll, but here are some crumbs of kindness". And reading that post about Misty and Hawg scared the hell out of me - glad that you were able to get out of there safely.

Posted by: ALEX at December 29, 2004 06:03 PM

Hehehehehe, BeeBee, I've been where "Big Guy" has. Well, I mean, figuratively anyway. I don't think you'll find "many" that won't oblige themselves to that.

On the other hand, I don't have a reciprical blog roll, hell, I barely have blog, and or roll, blogroll that is. I put people on that I do read. Maybe not everyday, but damn, sometimes you get busier then a one legged man in an ass kickin' contest, and you just have to "skip" a day, or two. I get your point Queenie, a recip blog roll is a bit different then BeeBee's take, but what she's talkin' 'bout is definitely better then the other. Somethin' about "reach around" comes into my mind BeeBee, not that I've ever had one, or anyting, I heard it said on Oz.

Posted by: RedNeck at December 29, 2004 06:31 PM

Okay, I admit it. I do the reciprocal link thingy when I find a good blog that I only read once in a while but I think my readers would like. I'm just a big, soft, middle aged den-mother scout leader with pitch-pipe held snuggly yet dryly between soft rose lips, blowing gently yet insistantly... Wait a minute, what was I talking about?

Posted by: Mamamontezz at December 29, 2004 10:03 PM

I only reciprocal link when I think the studly bastard will give me a blow job. Wait. I did sign in as Acidman, didn't I? Delete! Delete! Delete!

Posted by: Velociman at December 29, 2004 11:45 PM

I don't reciprocate out of pity for anything - even blow jobs. But that's another stoy entirely.

I've got you linked because I read you on a regular basis and having you linked means less time spent wading through my husband's 1200 bookmarks. So, I'm just lazy.

Dammit. And now I want some head.

Posted by: Crystal at December 30, 2004 04:41 AM

One of my dearest friends gives me shit for the size of my blogroll(s). I can't help it. I have Blogheimers. Heh. I can't use bookmarks as easily because I can't remember where I put them!

I put up the reciproll because I can't fucking understand the damned "ecosystem" and the other nifty places you can go to find out how many times you've haven't been mentioned. I do like Mamamontezz and use it to find others out there.

But you? I would read your freakin' grocery list. You have such a voice, girl. A voice I sometimes envy, yes, but one I'm very glad to behold.

Posted by: Margi at December 30, 2004 05:31 AM

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