March 17, 2005

Does Anybody Know How To...

...create a subtitle? Permanently, I mean - I'd like the code to create an automatic subtitle on each post, perhaps inserting an extra field into my MT "new entry" form? You know, like Steve at Hog on Ice and Rachel at Blue-Eyed Infidel? I think it looks good, adds panache to the opening of a post, and dammit, I want one.

Yeah, I'll google for it. But I thought I'd ask you first. Just in case.

You know...speaking of the aforelinked, I think they're damn fine people. Why, if I were not already happily married, totally committed, and all stretched-out with bearing another man's children - I mean, were it 1994, and me still single and childless and fancy-free, I think I would be seriously interested in Mr. Hog-on-Ice. Come on, ladies - you know you'd hit that...the piano, the cooking, the politics...if I were a character in a fifties sitcom, I'd call him dreamy. But I'm not, so I won't. I'm just sayin', though. You single ladies need to investigate further, is all.

Steve, if I knew a worthy chick I'd send her to Miami. All my friends, though, have husbands. Or underarm hair, a strong fondness for The Indigo Girls, and a fanatic devotion to yearly attendance at the LPGA Dinah Shore Major Classic. Well, that's not entirely true, come to think of it. I do have two single, straight girlfriends, but one's a communist - no, really, card-carrying; total moonbat, God love her - and the other is shaped much like your piano.

I am many things, but a matchmaker I am not. Sorry!

Posted by Queenie at March 17, 2005 09:30 AM

I honestly think they just bold and emphasize the first line of a post and make it into a subtitle. I don't think there's a way in MT to create one. Hell, I dunno.

As for Steve? Firstly, I'm too old for him. I'm no longer nubile and dewy. In fact, I'm highly cynical and sometimes downright bitchy. But yeah, given the chance to turn the clock back, I'd have to say I'd hit it. Probably twice.

Posted by: Margi at March 17, 2005 02:53 PM
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