October 29, 2005


Friday is Mindless Shit night here at Inblognito, and so I present you with the gift of music, in order to keep from doing any actual, you know, writing.

I love this guy (link removed); I really, really love this guy. An aural makeout session in the back-seat of a wide-bodied Detroit gas guzzler, a breath of tender ironic self-deprecation right up in my hungry ear, Mike Doughty is currently my Number One Man. I've never written a fucking fan letter in my life, but Mike...oh, Mike...he inspires me. One glass of wine, and I swear I'd be pouring my rancid soul out in an e-mail to the man, telling him how he's Changed My Life. Oh, the shame.

He used to be in a Rock Band, but now he's solo, gone the singer/songwriter route with a vengeance. And I love it. Intimate. Tender. Just him and a guitar, selling self-burned CD's after his sets to fill the gas-tank, a fucking American archetype. And if he showed up at my doorstep, I'd take him in and nuzzle him like a bunny. Slurp.

Give it a listen. Enjoy. I'll take the song off the server soon, so get it while it sizzles. Right click, save as...you know the rest.

Posted by Queenie at October 29, 2005 12:11 AM | TrackBack

Back seat in a big car, man, that brings back memories. I spent plenty of time in them, sex and more sex. Send me your email address for more jokes, I lost all of my emails, thanks, Cat

Posted by: catfish at October 29, 2005 12:27 AM

Well, fuck. Just fired my band. You can find me on the internet, somewheres.

Posted by: Velociman at October 29, 2005 02:36 AM
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